Staying on top of your finances in a cost of living crisis

Februrary 2023 We’re all feeling the pinch of soaring living costs. In this month’s article, we look at how to stay in control of your finances when the price of everything seems to be increasing. You’ll probably have noticed the cost of your regular grocery shop going up in recent months, as well as increases […]

Understanding ESG investing

August 2022 In this month’s article, we look at the basics of ESG investing and what you need to consider if you would like to introduce ESG into your own portfolio. During the Cop26 climate summit back in November we heard a lot about three letters: ESG. This stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, and […]

Funding Long-term care

December 2022 The issue of long-term care is an uncomfortable and emotive subject that many of us would understandably prefer to avoid thinking about – yet it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. In this month’s article, we look at the options available and how planning your finances now might make things easier in later life.  […]

Getting the most out of your ISAs

July 2022 When the UK government launched Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) in 1999 it hoped to boost the country’s savings culture. They are certainly a success, with some 13 million adult ISA accounts subscribed to in 2019/20, with a market value of around £620 billion, according to government data1.   While an ISA is very likely […]

How can you protect your investments in current markets?

September 2022 With rising inflation, the cost of living crisis and talk of recession, there’s not much good news around at the moment. The difficult financial environment and uncertainty about what lies ahead can be particularly worrying for investors. So what is driving the current market conditions, and what can you do to protect your […]

Why we should care about financial wellbeing

November 2022 We’re all aware that your physical and mental health can affect your overall wellbeing and how you feel about life, but the concept of financial wellbeing may be less familiar. However, with the impact of the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis, looking after your financial wellbeing is more important than […]

Should you be investing in a pension for your children?

August 2022 When it comes to saving and investing, starting early gives you the best chance of building a bigger pot of money in the long term. With concern growing about how younger generations will provide for themselves financially in later life, is a pension a good way of securing your child’s financial future? With […]

Coping with the current market turmoil

November 2022 Stock markets have had more to digest in the past six months than for much of the past decade. A pandemic, war in Europe, inflation and rising interest rates have left investors’ nerves frayed. Every time markets have processed one problem, a new one has emerged. Given that there appears no immediate end […]

Inflation and how it can impact your investments

March 2022 You’ll have undoubtedly heard about rising inflation and predictions of soaring living costs. In this month’s article, we look at what this could mean for you and why inflation is an important consideration when investing for your future.  Commentators are calling next month ‘Awful April’, with energy costs, food prices and taxes all […]

Active and Passive Investing: what’s the difference?

October 2022 Rising inflation and market volatility have reignited the long-running debate over the most effective way to deliver investment returns. In this month’s article, we look at active and passive investing – what do these strategies entail and how can they benefit your portfolio in current markets?    Global stock markets have been impacted by […]